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Our Services


Is your logo looking a bit dated? Are you a start up that wants to look as professional as possible against your competitors? With over 20 years design experience we can create a brand and company identity for you for your marketing materials, signage, vehicles and stationery. We have options for all budgets, give us a call and we can talk through what’s available.


Thinking about advertising, or have a report to write? Do you need a professional design job where Word and Clip Art just won’t cut it? Do you produce a newsletter or magazine that you’d like to stand out from the crowd? Benji Graphics have huge experience in flyer, poster and document design – from charity balls to Local Government bid documents and annual reports. Have a look at our portfolio and give us a call to see how we can help.


Are you trying to affect behaviour change? Do you need to get your message out to your customers in an eye catching and effective way? Working at Bristol Council, Creative Director Ben Whitwell had over 10 years managing the council’s citywide campaigns covering everything from healthy eating to driving at 20mph to museum exhibitions. Call Ben and discuss the options for getting your campaign off the ground, from the initial workshop and ideas session to booking advertising and executing the design.


Are you looking to stand out on social media? Do you want your customers to stop scrolling past your Twitter feed? Benji Graphics can create bespoke content for your social media channels that is engaging and beautifully designed. Give us a call and we can talk through where we can add value to your marketing strategy.